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There’s a painting of blue hydrangeas on my bedroom wall that reminds me of me. I do love blue hydrangeas, but I certainly don’t resemble one. What makes me ponder is the fact that I got it free because someone was throwing it out. Someone didn’t like it enough to keep it anymore. But, I absolutely love it!

It’s not fancy and seems to have been painted by someone with the initials “CK” at some group art class. That’s exactly it’s appeal to me. There are probably several dozen others who followed the directions for blue hydrangeas, all remarkable on their own. But CK either didn’t like it, or thought it wasn’t good enough. Or maybe CK gave it to someone who didn’t appreciate it the way I do.

Whatever the reason, it makes me think of me and how I struggle to feel like what I do matters.

Looking over the post drafts I’ve collected through the passed 6 months or so, I realize that I write a lot. A whole lot. I’ve got about a dozen starts and stops. This crazy world is full of inspiration and topics to tackle, after all.

It’s my own self doubt that gets in my way from sharing with you. Or, I just get distracted by so many things. But, mostly, it’s my own self doubt. Why would anyone want to read what I have to say? Why would any one care about my opinions or what happens in my life?

Do you ever feel that way too? Like a painting someone is giving away.

Maybe for you it isn’t artwork or writing that you struggle to feel matters to others. Maybe it’s the simple things like helping a co-worker with a task, or caring for a loved one or volunteering at the community event and you never got a thank you. Maybe you’ve sent a letter of encouragement but never heard back from that person. Maybe you made dinner for a sick friend and they never told you they liked it. Whatever you’re good at, whatever you’re passionate about that allows you to express yourself, it matters.

This is what I’ve come to learn from years of writing and receiving joy from some stranger’s hydrangea painting: What you do matters. Even the simple things.

It isn’t up to us how God uses the things we do. The thumbprints we leave behind are unique, and not everyone will appreciate them. But the one’s who do, really do! Those people are the reason God gave you your talent and your time.

We may not get 1000 likes when we post about it. We may not ever know how we inspire others with simple things, or even hard things. There is no way for CK to know how much I love the painting.  Of course they did not have me in mind with each brush stroke. But it made a difference to me. I admire it every day and it’s inspired me to share my writing again.

To me, that matters a lot.

So, thank you CK for doing your thing and leaving a mark. May it be a reminder to all of us that we matter.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. - Mother Teresa Click To Tweet

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2 thoughts on “Treasuring Another Man’s Trash

  1. Anonymous

    Love it, you are an amazing writer thanks so much for sharing with everyone

    1. Bethany Donham

      Thank you! I am glad it blessed you and I appreciate the encouragement so much!

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