Cold Traffic Light


I wasn’t looking for a lesson or asking God to speak to me, He just showed up. What a crazy God we serve. Showing up in the every day like that. He’s so conspicious sometimes. It’s like He made the universe and loves each detail of my life or something.  Gotta love a God like that!

It’s no secret that I do not appreciate cold weather. I try to embrace it, really I do. It’s just that it’s so, well, cold! I’ve really been leaning on God this Winter and praying to find ways to appreciate it. So maybe it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I woke up that morning, the sun was shining and I just marveled at the frost patterns on the door of my car. Such delicate handiwork! I stood in awe over the way the sun filtered it’s way through the leafless trees clinging to the cold stoney mountain by my house. I was breathtaken at the way the mist rose silently from the creek as I drove over the bridge taking my girls to school. It was a freezing cold morning and I was enjoying every cold thing about it.

Those are the moments. Those moments when our hearts are open and we can appreciate His goodness. Those are the moments God waits for! It’s then that He takes his chance and speaks.

I was sitting at the stoplight among all the other frazzled and hurried drivers. All of us waiting on the light to change so we could continue to be busy at our jobs. I had my music on and was enjoying the moment, glad to be appreciating the wonder of the cold instead of cursing it. And I thought to my self, “Even the exhaust from the cars around me is beautiful in the cold.”

Have you ever noticed that? Have you ever noticed that when you’re sitting still at a stoplight the vapor just rises and almost seems to envelope everything around it. The mystery is when the light changes and we are able to move again. That’s when the mist disappears.

I am sure there is some science behind all of this. No doubt you could sit down and explain it all to me. But I wouldn’t listen. I don’t care, really. That’s because the lesson I learned that morning is far more important to me.

When I am still. When I am waiting. When I’m not driving around from one thing to the next. That is when I can actually SEE the Spirit move. That’s when I can almost reach out and touch Him.

When the light turned green and we all began to move again, it was as if the mist was left behind. It couldn’t be seen anymore. It wasn’t obvious that it was there. Although, it had to be there or all those cars were not functioning properly. Just like me. I simply cannot function properly without the Spirit there with me.

What would happen if we all just stopped for awhile and took the chance to notice the Spirit and how He moves? What if we just allowed ourselves to become enveloped around and through us? What if we could just be still long enough to hear His voice. What if we cared less about the destination and more about what God is doing here and now?

I think the answers to those questions would change the world and how we live in it.


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Bethany Donham

Bethany E. Donham is married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of two beautiful teenage girls. She is a full time Minister to Preschoolers and Families, but has a passion for guiding others to see the world with a Biblical perspective through her writing.

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