Robin on a branchIt was 75 degrees today! I have waited for this day for what has seemed like decades!  It has been forever since I have felt the energy of new life! I sat outside on my front porch in my rocking chair, reading a new book, helping my daughter with her homework and chatting with forgotten neighbors who had just emerged from their winter dens. I basked in the warmth of the sun, welcomed the warm breeze and tasted the very first drops of  Spring’s sweet nectar. It seemed like a dream. And it might as well have been since behind the warmth was a winter storm warning.

Seriously? Schools and local businesses are closed tomorrow because of the threat of ice, but my children are running around in shorts and flip flops! If I had the means and the time I would have been making ice cream!

The anticipation of tomorrow made me anxious. I was frustrated that I would only get an hour or so to enjoy it before plunging back in to the winter abyss. I felt like I was being teased and taunted. I wanted it to last so much longer than one afternoon.  I started thinking that I might be better off without having that moment at all. I mean, it wasn’t going to last. Why even bother?

I noticed a robin had come to visit a tree in my front yard. It seemed so happy singing and diving in my tree. Obviously he hadn’t checked his weather app!

“Poor bird,” I thought. “He has no idea what’s coming. Stupid thing.”

And then I was suddenly jealous of a bird! I was suddenly jealous of it’s natural ability not to worry about tomorrow and wholeheartedly enjoy the moment it had been given. Suddenly, I was the one who felt stupid. My friend the robin has no social network account, no Google app, or weather alert on a smartphone. It doesn’t care that schools are closed. And it’s not worried about all the work it will need to make up once his office reopens. He was simply enjoying the time the creator had given him right then.

And so then I thought, “Poor me. I wish I had no idea what was coming!”

 So, don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today. Matthew 6:34

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Bethany Donham

Bethany E. Donham is married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of two beautiful teenage girls. She is a full time Minister to Preschoolers and Families, but has a passion for guiding others to see the world with a Biblical perspective through her writing.

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  1. sheila eisenzimmer

    What a keen observation the Lord gave you through the robin…consider the sparrow…God uses his creation to teach us many things if our hearts are open to Him. Great post!

    1. Thanks! I agree with you wholeheartedly. Not a big fan of birds, but they do remind me of His gracious provision…if only I would take the time to remember!

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