I may be a little too obsessed with my dog. I’ve raised her since she was three weeks old, so we have a bond unlike any other. She’s smart, makes me laugh and is just an overall beauty- as most black labradors are. She’s also pretty spoiled since I tend to over compensate for the fact her mama kept pushing her away when she was born. Who wouldn’t want such a perfect little girl?


The day I got Tobi Mackenah. We were instantly in love.


If you are a dog owner, I am sure you know how they can weave into the fabric of your life and plants seeds of love that grow inside your heart forever. Dogs teach us so much about unconditional love, loyalty and respecting authority.

I think they can also teach us a lot about following Jesus, too.

I leave the room, Tobi follows on my heels. I close the door, she’s waiting on the other side for me to open it. I walk away and leave her with someone else, she whimpers and makes attempts to come after me. Sometimes I give her a little talk before I get up, “Ok, Tobi. I’m just going to get a glass of water, I’ll be right back. You do NOT have to get up and follow me into the kitchen.” She doesn’t listen and is pitter-pattering down the hall behind me. And, she always greets me at the front door with jubilation whether I have been gone 1 minute to the mailbox or overnight. My own children don’t even do that any more.

I wish I was as devoted to following Jesus as much as my dog is to following me.

I wish adored Him as much as my dog adores me.

I wish I depended on Him as much as my dog depends on me. For everything. Food, shelter, comfort, peace.

Tobi is terrified of thunderstorms. She can hear them coming and starts fretting around the house. Yet, she has learned that if it’s storming outside, she can find me and I will comfort her. Her trembling stops almost as soon as she gets cuddled up next to me, as close as she can physically manage.


Shouldn’t we be doing that too? When a storm comes along are we seeking out Jesus and asking Him to protect us or are we wandering around trembling in the rain on our own? We should be so devoted to following Christ that he is never out of our sight, even if He isn’t going to the kitchen for a snack.

She just wants to be around me, always by my side.

I honestly think my dog would follow me into the wilderness. She wouldn’t question the why or the where, and she wouldn’t even ask, “Are we there yet?” She would simply be my devoted follower, content just to be around me. Grateful that I feed her, love her and protect her.

Yes, we are quite a pair, she and I. And even though I’ve taught her the basics of life, she has taught me so much more about seeking what matters the most.


Tobi at a recent church event. When I walked away, she wanted to follow.

Bethany Donham

Bethany E. Donham is married to her high school sweetheart and the mother of two beautiful teenage girls. She is a full time Minister to Preschoolers and Families, but has a passion for guiding others to see the world with a Biblical perspective through her writing.

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