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No parent wants to get a call from their child in the middle of the night, but they seem to be part of the parenting package.

Last Saturday Lucy hurt her ankle while having a little too much fun on the dance floor. She texted me once she got to her friend’s house to let me know and to get some motherly advice. Before we ended the late night conversation I made sure to tell her she was my daughter and could call me at any time. At no time was she included in my ‘do not disturb’ boundaries I have excercised on my phone.

I put my phone down and tried to sleep, but a couple hours later my phone rang piercing the quiet in my bedroom. Sure enough, it was Lucy crying on the other end. She was in too much pain to stay at her friend’s house and needed me to come and get her. So, at 2am my husband and I drove out to get her and bring her back home where she could be more comfortable.

The whole incident made me think about the times, even recently, when I have been in pain and wanted to call my Heavenly Father to come and fix it. I needed him to hold me in the middle of the night and tell me it would be ok.

And maybe sometimes I need Him to remind me also that, as His child, I am never on DND. He’s always there in the pain to answer me when I call.


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